Visit the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean"...

Sri Lanka- the wonder of Asia, is the perfect epitome of beauty and attraction. Enriched in numerous fauna and flora it claims to be one of the best tourist attractions of Asia. Come witness the exquisiteness of Sri Lanka via the Weligama Surf Tours for a holiday you will always cherish!

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Our vision is to make your visit to Sri Lanka the most enjoyable and memorable trip you've ever experienced. We offer regular packaged tours as well as personalized packages. Contact us now, for the experience of a lifetime! Our excellent value, comprehensive tours and professional travel partners mean that your experience will be rewarding from the beginning to the end.

Wild Life

For anyone who loves nature, safariing in Sri Lanka will be undoubtedly an awe-inspiring adventure.


Surf Points

Enjoy the spectacular waves of the Indian Ocean by surfing in the turqoise waters for a breathtaking experience.


Dutch Fort

A UNESCO protected world heritage site, the Gall Fort is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument.


Snake Farm

See these slithering, hissing creatures of different variety, venomous and non-venomous snakes in Telijjawila, Weligama.